Harness the Power of Lithium for Low Speed Electric Vehicles

Our SMART CHARGER and BMS integrates with your existing system!

“Since retrofitting our first two carts last month, we’ve already seen the benefits. Those include: no maintenance, the Lithium Boost system doesn’t require water filling; longer range and slower discharge, carts are now charged every other week instead of daily saving on electricity costs."

Chuck Casey

Utility Generation Manager,

City of Riverside Public Utilities

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Taylor Dunn Industrial EV

Patented Chargers & BMS to Best Optimize Lithium Performance

Our core value is in the unique (patent pending) BMS/chargers system that is designed to optimize and control charging/discharging

in order to yield maximum stored energy and assure long life cycle of lithium cells.


We support 60ah, 100ah, 180ah, & *400ah systems.

*Require additional engineering.


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 Imagine creating a whole new line of business selling lithium-powered vehicles.

Lithium Boost Technologies, Inc. the leading innovator of lithium technology for low speed electric vehicles has produced a system especially for this market. Join us in bringing this technology to your customers today!


Sell Lithium to your customers!

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We have battery systems to meet all your customer's needs.

Sell lots of lithium battery powered golf carts This bus is powered by lithium



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