Lithium Battery Solutions for Low Speed Electric Vehicles

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 We have developed three battery lines to meet all LEV's needs

Lithium Boost Plus

48V battery system for leisure use such as electric golf carts. Available in 40ah & 60ah lithium cell packs.

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Lithium Boost Pro

48V and 72V battery system for utility electric vehicles. Available in 100ah lithium cell packs.

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Lithium Boost Ultra

48V and 72V battery system for Heavy Duty electric vehicles such as hunting carts. Available in 200ah lithium cell packs.

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What makes us different from the competition


Our core value is in the unique (patent pending) BMS/chargers system that is designed to optimize and control charging/discharging in order to yield maximum stored energy and assure long life cycle of lithium cells.


Tired of replacing your golf car batteries every 2-4 years?

Get 10 or more years based on 200 cycles annually

That's why Fred and Bob made the switch to Lithium!

Kiss your battery problems goodbye!

100 year-old technology has been replaced by lithium power.

Lighter weight & better performance!

No more water to add

No more acid on your garage floor

No more corrosion

No more dead batteries when you return from vacation

No more maintenance!

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 Imagine creating a whole new line of business selling lithium-powered vehicles.

Lithium Boost Technologies, Inc. the leading innovator of lithium technology for low speed electric vehicles has produced a system especially for this market. Join us in bringing this technology to your customers today!


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